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There is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a fresh, fluffy towel. It provides a feeling of luxury and elegance, and this is important for a great number of our clients. Adelaide Towel Service offers a range of towel services in Adelaide, particularly when it comes to towels. From Allied Health Services and massage therapists to hairdressing salons, barber shops, cafes and workplace staff rooms we provide clean, fresh towels, tea towels and glass cloths at affordable prices.

Not only do we provide the towels, but we organise pick up and delivery to ensure your towels are well cared for. If you’re ready to find out why so many businesses in Adelaide choose us for their linen services, we’d love to show you.

A comprehensive range of linen services in Adelaide

Here at Adelaide Towel Service, we offer a complete range of linen services for all types of businesses in Adelaide. As a leading provider of linen services in Adelaide, here are just some of the services we offer.

Hairdressing salon towels

Anybody who works in a hairdressing salon knows how much work the towels do. Plus, having fresh, fluffy, hygienic towels is a way to improve the experience for customers. Here at Adelaide Towel Service, we provide towel services to a number of Adelaide salons because our work is trusted.

Our hairdressing salon towels are 100% cotton and bleach-proof, which means they’ll still be in great condition after being exposed to wet hair, dyes and other salon products. We’ll get them cleaned and returned to you without hassle, ensuring you always have fresh towels to delight your clients with.

Beauty therapy towels

Part of the beauty salon experience is about being treated to a little bit of luxury. Your clients should get that sense of elegance from all aspects of your salon, from the services you provide to the towels you offer. We can definitely help with 100% cotton, stain-resistant towels to add an extra touch of class to your service.

We understand how many different beauty products a towel may come in contact with at a salon. That’s why we only provide high-quality towels suitable for salon use. Plus, we’ll keep them clean for you, ensuring you’ve always got a healthy supply of fresh, clean towels.

Massage and physio towels

Hygiene is important in practically every industry, but perhaps none more so than the massage and physiotherapy industries. Anything business providing medical services needs to have a strong focus on hygiene. Importantly, this includes the towels you use.

Clients expect comfort when in a massage or physio setting, and that’s why Adelaide Towel Service is the team to count on. Use our soft, beautiful towels to please your clients, and get them back to us so we can get them clean of all those relaxing massage oils that are much better on a client’s skin than your towels!

Hospitality laundry services

Commercial kitchens, and indeed any hospitality environment, can be a lot messier than you might think. Just because all of the counters, cutlery and glassware look nice and clean in a café or restaurant, that’s because of the relentless cleaning duties performed by staff. Often, towels bear the brunt of a busy day in the hospitality industry.

Adelaide Towel Service provides high-quality, durable and absorbent tea towels for use in all types of hospitality environments. You can also rest assured that food and drink stains are no match for our laundry service. If you’re in a bind, we can even offer 24-hour or same-day delivery of fresh towels. Call us to find out how we can keep you well-stocked any time of year.

Trusted Adelaide linen services

Adelaide Towel Service has risen from humble beginnings back in 1985. For almost 40 years, our service has been growing to the point we’ve reached today. Adelaide Towel Service is the most trusted commercial laundry service in Adelaide, and it’s because of our commitment to our customers.

We understand that your business relies on fresh towels and linen, often on a daily basis. One of the reasons so many customers prefer us is the fact that we build real partnerships with our clients. We understand your needs, and do everything possible to ensure you receive a premium service at affordable prices.

Industry experts

With so much experience behind us, it’s little wonder customers love our linen services in Adelaide. The reason we provide such a dedicated service is we truly understand the industries we work with. Our specialised service for hairdressing and beauty salons, for example, is based on a strong understanding of our clients’ needs.

We’ve spent decades refining our processes and services to ensure we deliver the very best every time. Importantly, we understand what your customers expect from linen and towels. We also appreciate your time pressures, which is why we’ll work with you to arrange a pickup and delivery schedule that suits your needs.

Environmentally friendly

Ever since Adelaide Towel Service first opened its doors, we’ve had a focus on providing an ethical and professional service that our clients can trust. Today, we understand that sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are high on people’s lists.

That’s why we use an eco-friendly detergent that still keeps your towels fluffy and fresh, just the way you and your clients want them. Nobody wants to use a coarse or stiff towel, so let us take care of the dirty work for you. We’ll return your towels stain-free, and as beautiful and fluffy as ever.

Experience the Adelaide Towel Service Difference Today

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable laundry services for your salon? Look no further than Adelaide Towel Service. With more than 30 years of experience, we provide specialized salon towel service that is unbeatable in Adelaide. Contact us today to learn more about our services and experience the difference for yourself.

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