Massage and Physio Towels

Crips and clean massage and physiotherapy towels are a must

massage and Physio Towels

There’s nothing more relaxing than stretching out on a crisp, white towel and enjoying a massage. While you shut your eyes and enjoy the soothing oils across your body, the towel you’re enclosed in unintentionally get covered in oil too. After each client, new towels are required, which means a normal salon and even physio will go through their fair share of towels. At Adelaide Towel Service we understand our massage and physiotherapy clients’ needs, which is why we supply special stain resistant towels and deliver a prompt cleaning service. All of our towels are cleaned using hot water and hydrogen peroxide to remove any stubborn stains left from oils.

Massage and physiotherapy practices we provide towels to:

  • Carlene Parsons Massage Therapist
  • Physiotherapy & Pilates Proactive – Parkside
  • Physiotherapy & Pilates Proactive – Stirling
  • Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy
  • Core Physiotherapy and Pilates – Burnside
  • Dynamic Health Remedial Massage
  • Goodwood Therapeutic Massage Clinic
  • Mandy Thompson Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Spirit Health Care Studio
  • Respiratory PhysiO2
  • Physio Fit SA
  • Physio West
  • Saunders Sports and Spinal